Calendar Jam: Tell AIG’s CEO to stop insuring new fossil fuels!

Calendar Jam: Tell AIG’s CEO to stop insuring new fossil fuels!

We don’t want AIG CEO Peter Zaffino to celebrate his birthday without us — so we have a plan to send him calendar invitations that encourage him to drop fossil fuel expansion.

Here’s how to join fellow activists in sending an unforgettable message to Peter Zaffino and other top AIG executives:

(Please note: Although we’re sending invitations, we’re not asking you to actually attend a meeting with Zaffino — this effort is about getting his attention through a flood of invitations on his calendar.)

1. Open your calendar app — wherever you track meetings or important events, like Gmail or Outlook.

2. Pick a time in your calendar during the day today. Title your event something like “Stop insuring fossil fuels” or “Happy Birthday: Do your part to protect our planet”.

3. Copy the following email addresses and paste them into the invite field of your invitation (we’d like to get your invite so we can see how many supporters send): peter.zaffino@aig.com, Jennifer.Waldner@aig.com, Constance.Hunter@aig.com, David.McElroy@aig.com, Tom.Bolt@aig.com, Mark.Lyons@aig.com, climateaction@citizen.org

4. Make sure to click “send invitation” so Zaffino gets an email notification about your invite.

5. Now you can do it again, with a different title — Zaffino will receive each invitation, so the more the merrier! 

(Tip: Sending many unique events is more effective than one long event or one recurring event. Executives have to decline each invitation, making it harder to ignore).

Questions? Email climateaction@citizen.org for help!

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