In the four years after the Paris Agreement was adopted in late 2015, Chase provided nearly $269 billion to fossil fuel corporations that are building coal mines, oil pipelines and fracked gas terminals ― that’s 36% more than any other bank in the world.

For the last three years, organizers have been building a powerful, nationally networked campaign to hold Chase accountable for its complicity in the climate crisis.

Taking Direct Action

We’ve organized protests in dozens and dozens of cities ― from Chicago to Madison, Providence to Colorado Springs, Boston to Portland. We’ve shut down streets outside Chase’s offices in New York, Seattle and San Francisco. And we’ve gotten directly in Jamie Dimon’s face and even made sure that his neighbors know about his complicity in the climate crisis.

Getting Results

In February 2020, Chase finally cracked and passed a new climate policy that excludes some coal mining companies and direct funding for specific, individual Arctic oil and gas projects. It’s a policy that is a baby step when compared to the scale of the crisis.

In May 2020, after years of pressure from activists, even Chase’s own owners started to catch on: 49% of Chase shareholders voted in favor of forcing the bank to come up with a business plan that is aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Now, we’re keeping the pressure on until Chase completely stops funding the climate crisis.


We’re going to keep the pressure on until Chase completely stops funding the climate crisis.
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