Join the Chubb: #InsureOurFuture Instagram Action

Join the Chubb: #InsureOurFuture Instagram Action

Commenting on Chubb’s Instagram posts will help set the record straight on the company’s destructive climate and human rights record.

Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg loves to tout Chubb’s green credentials, but the truth is that the insurance giant is backing the expansion of oil and gas drilling, pipelines, and refineries and has refused to rule out support for destructive projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at its recent, greenwash-filled Instagram posts.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Head over to instagram and search for the account @ChubbGlobal or @ChubbNA. Choose from one of the worst greenwashing posts – such as this one, or this one, or this one – and leave a comment about Chubb’s harmful environmental and human rights practices.

The most impactful comment is one that you draft yourself, even if it’s super short, as it shows Chubb that many different people are demanding action. That being said, here are a bunch of sample comments that you can copy and paste or adapt. Remember to use the #InsureOurFuture hashtag so we can track our collective impact!

Sample comments (copy me):

  • CEO Evan Greenberg claims to be a climate leader but Chubb is one of the biggest oil and gas insurers in the world. That doesn’t sound very sustainable to me 🤔 #InsureOurFuture
  • Chubb is insuring coal, oil, and gas expansion with no end in sight, enabling fossil fuel infrastructure that the planet cannot afford 🌎 #InsureOurFuture
  • 🔥 With over $2.86 billion invested in fossil fuels, Chubb is funding the projects and companies destroying our planet #InsureOurFuture 🔥
  • CEO Evan Greenberg doesn’t want you to know this but Chubb one of the worst insurers in the world when it comes to action on climate change 😳 #InsureOurFuture
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