Stop the Money Pipeline has a fellowship program for frontline youth organizers. Our Fellowship Program engages and trains youth through a mentor program to enhance their organizing skills and to deeply embed them in finance campaigning and the coalition.

Fellows participate in the Stop the Money Pipeline steering committee, including attending bi-weekly meetings and participating in discussions and decisions to help drive strategic planning for the coalition, they also participate in working groups and campaigns.

Our Fellows help connect the frontline fossil fuel project fights to the companies financing them, deepening our work, our commitment to justice and our ability to make meaningful change across the country.

We are honored to have Alex, Jasilyn and Nina on board as our current Fellows

Alex Piechowski-Begay

Alex Piechowski-Begay is a multimedia artist including being a second generation Diné (Navajo) silversmith, Alex’s personal brand merges art & activism, as a water protector & land defender, his brand Rezistance Art is the culmination of the two. Born and raised in the heart of the Navajo Nation Reservation (the Rez).

He lives and travels throughout the Southwest supporting the indigenous community by raising awareness to the realities Indigneous people face as a direct result of colonization. Alex also serves his community through ceremony and cultural exchange with others. Driven to ensure the sustainability and sovereignty of indigenous people everywhere, he has dedicated his life to the preservation and proliferation of Indigenous culture & traditions.

Alex is a Co-founder of the Sovereign Sounds project that teaches professional audio recording to indigenous people. Alex works as a motivational speaker and teacher in indigenous spaces such as Earth Guardians. Alex also is on the steering committee of Stop The Money Pipeline coalition & is a Climate Power 2020 fellow creating digital art.

Alex also works with many of the frontline communities doing actions & his passion for social justice & climate justice he enjoys the continued work towards a better future for all.

Nina Berglund

Nina Berglund (Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Lakota Nations) at 21 years old is a member of the Earth Guardians youth council, one of the Youth Climate Intervenors in the Line 3 case, and just a simple water protector fighting on behalf of her people, the lands, and water.

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, she has spent a majority of her teenage years standing up against the injustices her community faces including; racist representation of native people in the media, the doctrine of discovery, pipelines, and murdered and missing Indigenous women movement.

Jasilyn Charger

Jasilyn is an environmental protector from the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe in Eagle Butte South Dakota advocate for Native rights and LGBTQ+ rights, Youth monitor, Co- founder of IIYC and founder of 7th defenders local grass roots group currently fighting the KXL pipeline

If you are interested in becoming a fellow with us please email Amy at [email protected].