In the last three months, Water Protectors have been putting their bodies on the line to stop the construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline on Anishinaabe land in Northern Minnesota.

Facing freezing temperatures they’ve locked themselves inside sections of pipe, blockaded excavators and shut down construction with pianos. And they’re not stopping any time soon – that’s where you come in.

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Email the banks behind Line 3

Call the banks behind Line 3

Jam the Calendars of Bank Executives

We’re filling the calendars of some of the main banks providing financing for the disastrous Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

Jam their Calendars

Demand Wells Fargo fire Charles Noski

Donate to the Frontlines

There are multiple ways to directly support the frontlines of the fight against Line 3 — a few particularly important efforts right now are supporting the Indigenous resistance against the pipeline, donating to the legal defense fund, and helping purchase supplies for the people fighting the pipeline on the frontlines.

If you are able, please donate to any or all of those causes.

Donate to the Fight

Watch the March 19th Campaign Rally

On Friday, March 19th, hundreds of activists joined the Defund Line 3 Campaign Rally.

During the rally we heard from Indigenous frontline leaders who are taking bold direct action to stop construction, youth organizers who are fighting the pipeline and Stop the Money Pipeline organizers who shared the next steps in the #DefundLine3 campaign.

Watch the Rally

Learn more about the call to Defund Line 3

To learn more about the campaign, please read this powerful op-ed by Tara Houska, founder of the Giniw Collective:

#DefundLine3: Because Stopping This Pipeline is a Matter of Justice.

We have a narrow window to defund line 3

Steady direct action resistance forms cracks in the world of profit margins. As we learned at Standing Rock, Indigenous land defense poses a deep reputational risk to the financial institutions profiting from oil pipelines.

Activists all over the world are taking action to support the work on the ground — join the fight against Line 3 and together we can stop this toxic pipeline.


We’re going to keep the pressure on until Chase completely stops funding the climate crisis.
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