Stop the Flow of Money. Stop the Flow of Fossil Fuels WEBINAR 12.14.22

Stop the Flow of Money. Stop the Flow of Fossil Fuels WEBINAR 12.14.22

Here are all the actions and links we discussed on the call: 

✉️ Support Regenerating Paradise! Regenerating Paradise is a nonprofit organization formed in the wake of the Camp Fire with a mission “to weave the social fabric that regenerates us.” Regenerating Paradise supports the Paradise community by supporting rebuild projects by offering knowledge, ideas, and shared resources; supporting organizations through grant-writing, fundraising assistance, public relations, networking, and communication; and highlighting rebuilding efforts to draw in participation and resources. Donate to Regenerating Paradise here.

🛑 Take Our Digital Action: Sign the Citi Gulf petition! The U.S. Gulf South – mainly Texas and Louisiana – is facing an unprecedented build-out of methane oil and gas export terminals with over 25 new toxic projects proposed. Citibank has pumped over $8.6 billion into the world’s top methane gas companies and projects, making the bank the second-largest methane gas financier in the world. Sign the petition to Citi’s leadership: Stop financing Environmental Racism in the Gulf South and stop ALL financial services to methane gas (LNG) companies & fossil fuel financing. 

🗺️ STMP Local Partner Map: We launched a new map on our website! We hope this map will help STMP coalition partners who are doing local, place-based organizing connect with new volunteers and activists in their communities. If you’re an activist, find a group near you on the map. Are you a STMP coalition partner and would like to be added to the Partner Map? Fill out this Google Form here. 

Do you have questions, mapping expertise, or suggestions to improve this map? Email austin@stopthemoneypipeline.com

💰 What’s next in 2023? Shareholder season and customer actions. Get involved in the Customers for Climate Justice Campaign to join a network of customers organizing to force Big Banks to take action.  

📅 Save the Date: 3.21.23. Sign up to take action with Third Act and sign their Banking on our Future pledge here. Sign up for the Banking on our Future Day of Action on March 21, 2023 to join the Dis-credit Bad Banks Day of Action! 

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