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JPMorgan Chase is the world’s worst banker of climate change, worst funder of fossil fuels and the world’s worst funder of fossil fuel expansion — and they care a LOT about their reputation. We’re taking over all their digital locations to make sure all their customers know how destructive Chase is to climate and communities.

Go to  a  Chase Review Site

Post a review  of Chase Banks’ destruction to communities and climate  

(“Like” other #TakeoverChase reviews when you’re there)

Optional: Add a photo of art you create or pick from our stock images 

Post a snapshot of your review on social media using #TakeoverChase hashtag

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(Detailed walkthrough below)

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Takeover Chase Walkthough

Step 1:

Go to a Chase Review Site(s)

→  Go to Chase Bank’s social media pages and leave Digital Chase Takeover-related comments or hashtags on their posts.

→  Go to Chase Bank Review Links to write reviews on individual branch’s Facebook pages,  Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Maps, for one or more bank branches.

→  Take a screenshot of your review (before it’s removed) and share it on social media.  

→  See other Digital Chase Takeover reviews? “Like” them! 

Disclaimer: If you use your own Yelp and Google accounts, you could lose privileges. You may want to create a secondary account for this action.

Step 2:

Write your Review

 → Hashtags #TakeoverChase #StopTheMoneyPipeline

CRITICAL: Take a screenshot or photo of your review in case it’s removed

Draft Reviews (use one of ours or write your own)

  • Chase is the world’s biggest funder of fossil fuels–$269 billion 2016-2019. Do you want to be associated with a bank that funds the destruction of our planet?
  • The oil price war shows the risk of investment in fossil fuels. Many in the fossil fuel industry are in deep debt and only surviving because of subsidies and bailouts from the government. Now Chase is asking for ANOTHER handout!
  • Just like the 2008 financial crisis exposed the risks of Chase Bank’s own credit instruments, so this crisis exposes Chase’s failure to warn about the risk of fossil fuel investment. 
  • Save our Oregon resources and stop global climate destruction. Chase: NO funding for the proposed Jordan Cove Pipeline and Energy Terminal. 
  • The Lead Independent Director on the Board of Chase, Lee Raymond, has been on Chase’s Board 33 years. Raymond used to be the CEO of ExxonMobil. He funded climate science denial. #ExxonKnew–did Chase?
  • Chase is using our money to destroy our future. Fossil fuels are just a small part of Chase’s investments but a big part of climate destruction. Time to move our money to investment in a healthy planet. 
  •  Concerned about the climate? Follow the money! Big banks are pumping billions of dollars into fossil fuel companies that are destroying our climate. Chase is the WORLD’s biggest funder of the fossil fuel industry. Chase, stop using our money to pay for our destruction! 
  • Chase is a major reason that fossil fuel companies keep drilling. We need to keep oil in the ground! Chase can afford to end these investments and invest instead in clean energy and a better future for our children. Chase: Get rid of the dirty fuels in your portfolio!

Step 3:

Make or Download some Art

Lots of great images here: Stop the Money Pipeline Art or make your own.

Step 4:

Share Your Review

Post your review on social media!

  1. Take a screenshot or photo of your review
  2. Post your screenshot/photo and invite others to join you! 
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  3. Hashtags: #StopTheMoneyPipeline #TakeoverChase

Step 5:

Show & Tell

You’ve done it!  Fill out this quick form (and include your screenshot of your review) so we can include your review in a montage of this action 

Organized by: 350 PDX, SunrisePDX, Extinction Rebellion PDX, Greenpeace PNW, Families for a Livable Climate, Columbia Riverkeeper


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