Tell Nationwide: Stop Cop City!

Call Nationwide: Stop Cop City!

Pressure is needed against all the companies and individuals involved in the Cop City project. One way you can help is to pressure Nationwide to drop the project. Nationwide subsidiary Scottsdale Insurance is one of three companies that provide insurance coverage for the construction of Cop City — without insurance, development cannot proceed.

Call these Nationwide executives directly:

  • Timothy C. Frommeyer: (614)-249-8246
  • Vinita J. Clements: (614)-677-2796

Here’s a suggested call script:

“I am contacting you today because your company is providing insurance to the Atlanta Police Foundation, and they’re attempting to build a police training facility that is perpetuating violence in the center of where the civil rights movement was born, Atlanta, Georgia.

The community has been speaking up against the construction of Cop City for years. They’re trying to cut down a forest to build a police militarization facility for police to train in urban warfare. On January 18th, police murdered forest defender Tortuguita who had been organizing tirelessly to Stop Cop City.

I am demanding that your company cut ties with the Atlanta Police Foundation and stop providing material support to this project that is violating human rights, destroying families, and is opposed by the vast majority of Atlanta residents.

By continuing to insure this dangerous project, you are aligning yourselves and your business reputation with state-sponsored police oppression, environmental destruction of the Weelaunee Forest, and the murder of 26-year-old activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Páez Terán.

You need to do what is morally right, and leave the contract. Thank you.”

Prefer to email instead of call? Send an email to the executives at all three companies providing insurance to Cop City.

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