Society of Native Nations

Society of Native Nations has been focused on their Pipelines to Plastic project, which involves stopping buildout of petrochemical infrastructure including desalination plants, cracker plants, pipelines, LNG, and crude oil exports. SNN works with native communities, Dominican migrant communities, and with other migrants who have come from South America. They have a COVID mutual aid response as well, conducting 30 to 50 home drop-offs weekly of fresh produce, food, medical supplies, and sanitation supplies to elders and families, and feeding 50 to 80 homeless people every Saturday.  STMP BIPOC & Frontline funding will be used to support both of these programs.

Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition is a social justice organization created to address the impact of racism on African American disparities including policy inequities, historical trauma, food insecurity, research, behavioral health and health promotion by working to empower, educate and advocate for health equity in under-served communities. Their work to address the lead poisoning crisis will save many children from the lifelong impact of lead, including releasing a cookbook highlighting foods that help remove lead. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funding will be used to support the distribution of this cookbook to community members.

Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative (VEJC)

VEJC’s Environmental, Climate, Racial and Economic Justice campaigns by offering multi-generational and multi-agency statewide Environmental Justice (EJ) Academy Sessions to increase awareness of EJ and promote sustained action and pushback of polluting entities.  They have created the Virginia EJ Map that highlights EJ communities and provides an aid to be used to educate elected and state agencies on where and how much communities are suffering from cumulative health impacts.  STMP BIPOC & Frontline funding will be used to continue to build out the EJ map, add Indigenous community EJ issues, and supplement operations at the newly dedicated solar-powered Community Resiliency Hub in Petersburg, VA.

7 Directions of Service

Through education programs, community outreach and strategic campaigns, 7 Directions of Service seeks to mobilize and advocate for Indigenous and historically marginalized communities, who bear the brunt of social and environmental injustices. 7 Directs of Service is an Indigenous led organization that works in front line communities of Alamance, Rockingham and Pittyslvania counties and surrounding counties of North Carolina to educate the poor working class white people, Indigenous, Black and brown people about the dangers of pipelines and extractive mining companies. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funds will be used to hold community workshops about pipelines, fracking, coal-ash, water issues, and fossil fuel finance; protest Bank of America and Duke energy; and continue work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Black Surf Santa Cruz

Black Surf Santa Cruz (BSSC) increases Black and all BILPOC community engagement in coastal and sustainability spaces, which increases connection to climate issues that are inherently ocean focused as Santa Cruz is a coastal community. Funding from this grant will support two crucial and signature programs: Prepare to Pop-Up (P2PUP) which supports learners with little to no experience along the coast or in the ocean with a guided, multi-week and multi-touchpoint ocean training program as part of a committed cohort of similarly experienced participants as well as wrap-around ocean/safety/racial and environmental justice curriculum experience; and The Annual Liberation Paddle Out in concert with Juneteenth events.

Youth Vs Apocalypse

Since 2019, YVA has been working to get CalSTRS, the CA teachers Retirement fund to divest the billions of teachers’ money it currently invests in the fossil fuel industry. The campaign has progressed from youth testimony and street protests into a strategic campaign targeting the California Teachers Association, a major influence on CalSTRS investments and the largest lobbying group in the state. Youth are also working directly on supporting SB 1173, the divestment bill, modeled after a resolution in the Democratic Party that youth in YVA helped write. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funding will be used to support youth campaign coordinators and teacher-organizers.

The Vessel Project of Louisiana

The Vessel Project is a small grass roots mutual aid organization founded in Southwest Louisiana in the aftermath of several natural federally declared disasters including hurricanes Laura, Delta winter storm Uri, and May flood of 2021. As a mutual aid organization, Vessel Project has helped thousands of people through direct cash assistance, food security, housing, clothing, hygiene supplies, baby items, and other community events such as a back to school giveaway, Community Thanksgiving meal, Christmas toy giveaway, winter coat drive, Community Easter Egg Hunt, Community game night, and more. VPL hosts monthly community meetings to inform the community about proposed LNG facilities and more.

The South Sound Street Medics

The South Sound Street Medics are an Indigenous-led and grassroots first aid collective that provides free and immediate medical care to underserved populations and social justice movements, as well as first aid trainings. Through their Earth and Indigenous Justice Campaign, SSS medics travel to resistance camps to train people on how to be street medics and form their own first aid infrastructure. SSSM works directly with those involved in multiple environmental & racial justice frontlines. They have also written case studies and given presentations at colleges.

Port Arthur Community Action Network (PACAN)

PACAN mounts legal challenges to petrochem, pipeline and export facilities, their air quality permits, and filings with Federal agencies based on dangerous, hazardous emissions in an economically disadvantaged area already over-saturated with toxins. PACAN also hosts “Community Chats”, updates on its efforts to clean up the environment, and improve the quality of life in Port Arthur, Texas. PACAN also holds press conferences, and demonstrations in front of corporate offices and facility gates to hold corporations accountable for their harm.

Southern Sector Rising

Southern Sector Rising is an environmental justice nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas. Their focus is on ending decades of racist zoning, forcing industrial polluters out of Black and Latinx neighborhoods, and more evenly distributing the pollution burdens of our city. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funds will allow SSR to have over half a dozen additional community events, and to subcontract urban planning and public health experts to assist in the promotion of evidence-based initiatives that will benefit the communities going forward. In a city where over 40% of the population speaks a language other than English, SSR will also expand translation services so that every community member can participate in community events of the two most polluted zip codes in Dallas.

Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Coalition Of North Carolina

North Carolina #8 in the nation for Human Trafficking. The Interstate corridors run through several American Indian Communities and the fracked gas MVP Southgate pipeline will as well, making many women, girls, and two spirits vulnerable. Currently, there are multiple Man Camps in Virginia, and MMIWCNC aims to raise the awareness of the risks of human trafficking of Indigenous women through a billboard campaign.

Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend

IPCB is an intertribal & multiracial group (which includes the Karankawa Kadla, Lipan Apache, Mexica, Comanche, and Coahuiltecan) that is dedicated to protecting their ancestral homeland’s history, environment, and its people from industrial contamination and development. Corpus Christi is an oil hub city seeking expansion, and with that comes more pipelines, more oil and natural gas export, more waste dump sites, and more pollution. One of their current missions is halting the expansion of an oil export terminal and pier owned by Enbridge near McGloin’s Bluff, where the Karankawa lived and upon which over 40,000 Karankawa artifacts have been found. Enbridge, the largest transporter of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids in North America, now plans to build a seawall pipeline to transport tar sands from Houston to the Corpus Christi pier for export. The expansion will unearth and destroy more artifacts of Karankawa ancestors and damage environmentally rich marshlands. IPCB will use STMP BIPOC & Frontline funds towards buying a house to convert into office space, storage, a plant nursery, safe house for community members/organizers, workshop space, and education hub.

Tiny House Warriors

Tiny House Warriors is a Secwepemc village resisting and protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline, a tar sands pipeline coming from the Alberta Tar Sands and the man camps, industrial worker camps. Tiny House Warriors will use the STMP BIPOC & Frontline Fund to expand their network and launch an international indigenous-led campaign to resist tanker traffic, specifically the Trans Mountain tar sands bitumen tankers soon to threaten the Coast Salish Seas and their Indigenous relatives along the pacific northwest coast from Burnaby, BC at the Westridge Marine Terminal all the way to Richmond, California. Tiny House Warriors is collaborating with Indigenous Peoples impacted by oil tanker traffic in their fishing waters, and their first project collaboration is with Indigenous fishing family from Lower Elwha Nəxwsƛ ̕áyə̕ m ̕ (Klallam).

Somos Semillas Antillanas

Somos Semillas Antillanas (SSA) is a community seedbank and native tree nursery that focuses on ancestral and community seeds of the Caribbean with a focus on Borikén, the big island of Puerto Rico. Since May of 2020, SSA has been operating several small gardens and a native tree nursery in a public housing complex. The gardens focus on native medicinals and fruit trees and are planted outside the homes of elders and people with limited mobility. Somos Semillas Antillanas also distributes native trees freely to people in the community as well as other areas of the island. They are in the process of installing their first public fruit forest, “Xicana Freedom Forest,” in Caguas to honor all women, girls, trans, and two spirit individuals that we have lost to sexual and gender violence since conquest began. The planting process involves collaborative design with OtraCosa, a queer farming community. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funds will allow SSA to rent a space for their native tree nursery, which they lost in January 2022, and purchase a used truck for transportation to work brigades across Borikén, the big island of Puerto Rico. It will also allow them to provide small stipends to their youngest gardeners.

Water Warriors

The Puyallup Water Warriors was formed by members of the Puyallup Tribe to fight against a massive 8-million gallon liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant from being constructed on Puyallup Tribal lands in the city of Tacoma. They’ve engaged in years of direct action against the facility, hosted community events, hosted actions at banks, and promoted their traditional Puyallup cultural teachings. STMP BIPOC & Frontline funds will be used to host up to five community building events to educate community members about the tribe’s fight to protect treaty rights and stop fossil fuel infrastructure development on Puyallup tribal land in the Port of Tacoma. These gatherings will be held with Coast Salish protocol including salmon/clam bake, canoe journey, coastal jam, listening to elders and traditional teachings. Water Warriors will also educate allies, bring in decision makers, and build solidarity with other local impacted tribal communities around the broader Salish Sea, including the LNG storage in export facility and the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Grief to Action

Grief to Action was founded to fill the needs of BIPOC in need of a place and community to facilitate healing and hope. Grief to Action is a semi-mobile camp with a land-based community in the Mojave Desert. The land and sanctuary are Black-owned and Black-led centering the needed grief support for African-heritage folks and all People of the Global Majority. It is clear that there is a significant amount of grief and rage that is being released by African Heritage people and people of oppressed identities. The Grief to Action Camp is a semi-mobile camp where African Heritage and other identified POC (People of Color) can come shelter in place and grieve with support. After these strong emotions are released, folks can notice the wisdom that comes out of grief and out of rage, especially while being held and supported by African Heritage people and other allies.

Memphis Community Against Pollution

Memphis Community Against Pollution, formerly known as Memphis Community Against the Pipeline, is the direct result of African American residents of several neighborhoods in the Southwest area of Memphis, Tennessee. For many years, residents have been egregiously impacted by the contaminated runoff from Tennessee Valley Authority’s Allen Fossil Plant and over 17 other toxic release inventory facilities within a three-mile radius. Recent studies have provided significant statistical support that the cancer risks in this community are over 4 times the national average. MCAP is actively working to change that by informing, educating, and activating the community while simultaneously fighting the most unconscionable projects fueling environmental racism and injustice.

Gidimt’en Checkpoint

Gidimt’en is one of five clans of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. The creation of the Gidimt’en Camp was announced in the Wet’suwet’en feast hall, with the support of all chiefs present. The Gidimt’en Checkpoint is controlling access to Cas Yikh House territory within the larger Gidimt’en clan territory at 44.5 km on the Morice River FSR. After a judge granted Coastal Gas Link an extension to their injunction against individuals at the Unist’ot’en Camp, the Gidimt’en Checkpoint was established on the road leading to the Unist’ot’en Camp.

Visit the Gidimt’en Checkpoint website

Indigenous by Nature

Indigenous by Nature is a non-profit serving the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

International Indigenous Youth Council Los Angeles Chapter

The International Indigenous Youth Council seeks to organize youth through education, spiritual practices and civic engagement to create positive change in our communities. Through action and ceremony, the IIYC commits to building a sustainable future for the next seven generations.

Check out the International Indigenous Youth Council Los Angeles Chapter on Facebook and Instagram.

International Student Environmental Coalition

ISEC is a youth-led global network of over 30 countries that provides young people the resources, community, and organizational power to engage in grassroots movements for climate justice. Our main goals are: To unite young people to act against climate change globally, with a particular focus on uplifting those on the frontlines and in the Global South; To mobilize young people to tackle the roots of the climate crisis, namely capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and racism; To challenge corporations, governments, and institutions responsible for the climate crisis; and To foster holistic support for individuals and groups in their climate justice projects.

Visit the International Student Environmental Coalition website

Last Real Indians (LRI Media)

LRI is a media movement grounded in our pre-contact ways of life. We are independent media with direction. We are an adaptation of our story-tellers. We are content creators of many origins with a vision of returning Indigenous peoples of all “races” to a state of respect for generations unborn. We are a confluence of the waters of many peoples flowing quiet and mighty. We are taking our place, telling the world.

Visit the Last Real Indians (LRI Media) website

Prophecy of the Grandfathers

Revolution Coalition

Revolution Coalition is making sustainable justice accessible through direct action and education.
We invest in environmental and diverse educational media to provide young people with resources to learn and provide for the people and the planet. Our nationwide queer-led and student-run collective is developing environmental education proposals for the federal government, working hands-on in food and tree growth in schools to eliminate carbon dioxide from our systems, and developing the media from online resources to accessible shows and documentaries that led to a better world.

Visit the Revolution Coalition website

Sovereign EarthWorks

Sovereign Earthworks is a cooperative/constellation of Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, Gender-Expansive, Black & Indigenous Folx, rooted in our divine connection to Earth Mother and nourished by the medicine of our ancestors. We are committed to building and imagining a future that centers food sovereignty, autonomous self liberation, and deep ancestral healing allowing us to reclaim our stories for the eighth generation.

Visit the Sovereign EarthWorks website

Carrizo Comecrudo Nation of Texas

The Carrizo/Comecrudo people lived along the South Texas Rio Grande delta. Regardless of the lack of culture and tribal understanding, of written historical data, the so called dependency factor, apparent genocide and Christian conversion, the Carrizo/Comecrudo still survived the occupation of their homelands and spiritual souls.

Visit the Carrizo Comecrudo Nation of Texas website

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians is an intergenerational organization that trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements across the globe – using art, music, storytelling, on the ground projects, civic engagement and legal action to advance solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community.

Visit the Earth Guardians website

International Indigenous Youth Council Los Angeles Chapter

The International Indigenous Youth Council seeks to organize youth through education, spiritual practices and civic engagement to create positive change in our communities. Through action and ceremony, the IIYC commits to building a sustainable future for the next seven generations.

Check out the International Indigenous Youth Council Los Angeles Chapter on Facebook and Instagram.

Line 3 resistance Amplification/Giniw Collective

Giniw Collective is an indigenous-women, 2-spirit led frontline resistance to protect Mother Earth, defend the sacred and live in balance. Their focus is on systemic change that respects Indigenous sovereignty and the severity of the climate crisis. They prioritize traditional knowledge, divestment strategies, and land defense on the frontlines of protecting the earth.

Check out the Line 3 resistance Amplification/Giniw Collective on Facebook and Twitter.

MN350 BIPOC Caucus

MN350 unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all.

Visit the MN350 website

New Alpha Community Development Cooperation

At New Alpha, The Whitney M. Slater Foundation, and Kingdom Living Temple, we work alongside coalitions of other climate justice organizations, working together to overcome create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. We work to create an impact through our initiatives, campaigns and strategic partnerships and seek support to continue to grow and bridge the gaps wherever water, air, or land or healthcare quality issues impact the health of people in our communities.

Visit the New Alpha Community Development Cooperation website

New School

Visit the New School website

NYCC: Earth Day Live!

We FIGHT economic power at its core. NYCC and its members lead the fight against economic oppression by building campaigns from the ground up that challenge capital and oppressive economic systems.

Visit the NYCC website

People’s Justice Council

We are a faith-based group of public theologians from various faith traditions who operate at the intersectionality of justice through interdisciplinary methods.

Visit the People’s Justice Council website

Red Hawk Native American Arts Council Collective

The Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a not for profit organization founded and maintained by Native American artists and educators serving the tristate area. Since 1994, the Council is dedicated to educating the general public about Native American heritage through song, dance, theater, works of art and other cultural forms of expression. The council represents artists from North, South, Central American, Caribbean and Polynesian Indigenous cultures.

Visit the Red Hawk Native American Arts Council Collective website

Red House Series

Red House is a social impact production studio. Our team of producers, activists, and allies work together to amplify voices, and share stories from the Native community on today’s pressing issues of climate change, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples, and water protection.

Visit the Red House Series website

Spirit of the Sun at Four Winds American Indian Council

An Indigenous womxn-led nonprofit located on Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute), Tséstho’e (Cheyenne), hinono’eino’ biito’owu’ (Arapaho) land, Comanche, and 48+ other tribes sacred land, working to empower Native communities, one youth at a time

Visit the Spirit of the Sun at Four Winds American Indian Council website

Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism

Sustaining All Life (SAL) is a global organization that allies with and supports organizations and individuals working to end the climate crisis by providing tools that assist people to address emotional barriers to effective climate organizing, uncover and heal from damage and separation caused by oppression.

Visit the Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism website

Tiny House Warriors

The Tiny House Warriors: Our Land is Home is a part of a mission to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline from crossing unceded Secwepemc Territory.
Ten tiny houses will be built and placed strategically along the 518 km Trans Mountain pipeline route to assert Secwepemc Law and jurisdiction and block access to this pipeline.

Visit the Tiny House Warriors website

Youth vs the Apocalypse

Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth, in particular youth of color and working class youth. Their collective action aims to fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world.

Visit the Youth vs the Apocalypse website

350 Butte County

We are volunteers residing in Butte County, California coming together to combat climate change. Chico 350 aims to raise awareness and empower individuals to take local action toward building resilience for our community as solutions to our climate emergency.

Check out 350 Butte County on Facebook and Twitter.