As organizations dedicated to preventing the worst impacts of climate change and to forging a more just and equitable society, we were pleased to see President Biden issue his Executive Order (EO) on Climate-Related Financial Risk on May 20, 2021. This important EO—the first ever to address the intersection of financial risk and climate policy—directed administration officials to develop a series of plans, strategies and actions to address the nexus of these issues. Among these plans is a government-wide strategy on addressing climate financial risk to Federal programs and financing the transition to a “net zero” economy.

This unprecedented attention to private sector finance of climate chaos could not have happened without the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition and our partners. This is a great accomplishment but plenty more work and grassroots pressure will be needed to see it through. Browse through our ongoing journey of pressuring the Biden Administration to end the flow of money to fossil fuels, deforestation, and human rights abuses.


A campaign targeting the financial sector’s support of the climate crisis.
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