With the support of a few major insurers, fossil fuel companies are digging new coal mines, building pipelines, and expanding oil and gas production in some of the most sensitive ecosystems in the world and often in violation of Indigenous rights.

Without insurance coverage, these dangerous projects cannot be constructed or continue to operate.

Chubb, Travelers, AIG, Liberty Mutual, and The Hartford are among the world’s largest insurers of fossil fuel expansion. The Insure Our Future campaign targeting these insurance giants is demanding they stop insuring new fossil fuel projects, phase out all fossil fuel business in line with a 1.5ºC limit to global warming, and respect Indigenous rights.

Taking action

We’ve shown up at fossil fuel insurers’ offices across the country and even at insurance CEOs’ homes, written countless emails and letters to executives, and flooded their phones until they’ve shut down.

Several U.S. insurers have restricted support for coal and tar sands, as two of the dirtiest fossil fuels. But they still have a long way to go to align with a safe climate and ensure human rights are respected. 

Unlike many global peers, U.S. companies including AIG, Chubb, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and The Hartford have yet to budge on oil and gas. Worse, they are ignoring requests to meet with Indigenous communities impacted by projects they insure.

The good news is that powerful frontline fights around the world are pushing insurance giants to cut ties with disastrous projects:

  • The campaign calling on insurers to drop the massive Trans Mountain tar sands expansion project in Canada has led to more than 18 insurers ruling out the pipeline, but Liberty Mutual has yet to do so.
  • At least seventeen insurance companies have responded to Gwich’in demands to avoid oil and gas projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. AIG is the only U.S. insurer committed to not insure Arctic energy projects, but its policy does not meet best practice.
  • Fifteen-plus insurers have ruled out insurance support for the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline, which would be the world’s longest heated oil pipeline. To date, zero U.S. insurers have made this commitment.

Despite this progress, major U.S. insurers are continuing to insure deadly new oil and gas projects and failing to respect Indigenous rights. That’s why we’re ramping up the pressure and won’t stop until insurers take action that meets the scale and urgency of the climate crisis.

A leading role

Insurance companies can play a leading role in accelerating a just energy transition. In fact, it’s paradoxical that they don’t. In the face of climate disasters, insurers are abandoning customers in wildfire-affected counties in California and flood zones in Florida.

Insurance CEOs know that climate change is a massive risk right now, and yet they continue to facilitate fossil fuel expansion. 

We are calling on these companies to stop putting short-term profits above the health of our communities. Join us to demand that Chubb, Travelers, AIG and their peers insure our future, not climate chaos.


We’re going to keep the pressure on until Chase completely stops funding the climate crisis.
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