Toxic Money Webinar 7.28.22: Using Financial Regulation to Fight for Racial, Housing, and Climate Justice

On this webinar, We learned about how the Community Reinvestment Act can be used as a tool to build community solutions, especially as accountability to deal with the legacy of racial and economic harm done to communities via redlining and discrimination. The CRA could fund climate reparations to communities, as well as fund workforce development. 

We heard from a group of expert speakers on the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA): 

  • Archbishop Marcia Dinkins, Executive Director, Black Women Rising  
  • Kevin Stein, Chief of Legal and Strategy, California Reinvestment Coalition
  • Matt Holmes, Environmental Justice Outreach Coordinator, Little Manila Rising

Speakers helped us understand that reforms to the CRA are needed – especially around reinvestment back into local communities. Low income communities and communities of color continue to face disproportionate exposure to pollution, heat island effect, flooding vulnerability, and air pollution exposure. Moving forward, investing in climate resilience is the right way to steer resources: communities need investment in basic infrastructure and new environmental initiatives, and banks must work harder to meet community climate resilience needs. 

Join us and take action:

  • Sign this Petition to demand federal banking regulators prioritize redlined communities of color and give them the tools they need to prepare them for climate disasters. 
  • Submit a comment about the Community Reinvestment Act to the Federal Register.
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