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Toxic Money Webinar 7.28.22: Using Financial Regulation to Fight for Racial, Housing, and Climate Justice

On this webinar, We learned about how the Community Reinvestment Act can be used as a tool to build community solutions, especially as accountability to deal with the legacy of racial and economic harm done to communities via redlining and discrimination. The CRA could fund climate reparations to communities, as well as fund workforce development.  […]

Toxic Money Webinar 5.12.22: Protecting Your Savings, Our Communities, and the Planet

On this webinar, we learned about why we need transparency from companies around their contributions to the climate crisis and how they’re fueling harm in BIPOC communities. Many of us are told that being financially responsible means investing in stocks and bonds and saving for retirement. But if the world goes up in flames, our […]

Toxic Money: Wall Street’s Evil Twin: How Private Equity Propels the Climate Crisis

The private equity industry has pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into fossil fuel companies with little scrutiny. As financial institutions and other Wall Street actors face growing pressure to cut emissions, many are selling fossil fuel assets—and private equity firms have repeatedly stepped up as buyers. The public needs private equity firms to provide […]