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Toxic Money: Wall Street’s Evil Twin: How Private Equity Propels the Climate Crisis

The private equity industry has pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into fossil fuel companies with little scrutiny. As financial institutions and other Wall Street actors face growing pressure to cut emissions, many are selling fossil fuel assets—and private equity firms have repeatedly stepped up as buyers. The public needs private equity firms to provide […]

The WOW (and HOW) of Shareholder Season: A Guide for Activists

Learn how you can engage in shareholder season! Every spring, huge corporations open their doors to their investors, especially their largest investors—huge asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard. Their investors tell them what to do — and they must respond. Watch this recording of “The WOW (and HOW) of Shareholder Season: A Guide for Activists” […]

Defund Line 3 Campaign Rally March 19

On Friday, March 19th, hundreds of activists joined the Defund Line 3 Campaign Rally. During the rally we heard from Indigenous frontline leaders who are taking bold direct action to stop construction, youth organizers who are fighting the pipeline and Stop the Money Pipeline organizers who shared the next steps in the #DefundLine3 campaign. Watch […]