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Webinar: Banking on Climate Change: How Big Banks Fuel the Climate Crisis Part 2

This webinar pulls back the curtain on bank greenwashing, from their fossil fuel policies to their public statements. It also highlights inspiring actions that have successfully pushed banks to drop proposed fracked gas export projects in the Rio Grande Valley. You can find part one of this webinar series here Key takeaways include Big banks […]

Webinar: How Wall Street Giant BlackRock is Financing Climate Crisis, Migration, and the Deportation Machine

BlackRock is one of the world’s most dangerous companies when it comes to climate change because their role is often hidden behind layers of financial sponsorship. This webinar explains the role they play — and what you can do to fight back. This webinar focuses on: How the climate crisis fuels migration and creates climate […]

Webinar: Banking on Climate Change: How Big Banks Fuel the Climate Crisis Part 1

By funding fossil fuel companies and projects, banks press the gas pedal on climate change. They fuel harm to communities sited near fossil fuel projects, as well as to communities that are already feeling the hurt from our warming climate. In recognition of our growing movement, many banks have taken steps away from coal or […]

Webinar: How White Supremacy Built Wall Street

The United States became the wealthiest country in the world as a direct result of land-theft, the genocide of Indigenous people and the free labor of enslaved people. To understand how this history continues to manifest we hosted this webinar. It’s vital we understand how the finance industry continues to use its disproportionate power to […]

Webinar: Arts Action During a Pandemic: From Virtual to Safe Street Actions

Social change doesn’t just happen, it happens because people decide to make change. Learn how to use art in your campaign — activism moves the material world, but art moves the body, heart and soul. This webinar focuses on: Virtual Actions: We can still make art and take action together online with virtual art builds, […]