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Under Pressure, JP Morgan Chase Demotes Former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond from Board Leadership Role 

New York, NY — Bowing to pressure from climate and shareholder activists, JP Morgan Chase will be demoting former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond from his Lead Independent Director position on the bank’s board. The news was buried in a filing with the SEC released on Friday.  Stop the Money Pipeline, a coalition of over 100 […]

Mnuchin’s Big Oil Bailout will Line the Pockets of CEOs Instead of Helping American Families 

Washington, D.C. — Environmental groups expressed outrage on Wednesday evening at the news that the Trump Administration is moving forward with a bailout for oil and gas companies instead of prioritizing direct aid to American families and workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.  “Big Oil is looking to steal as […]

Stop the Money Pipeline Blasts Mnuchin’s Plan for a Big Oil Bailout

Washington, D.C. — In response to the news that Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin was considering setting up a lending facility for struggling oil companies, a representative of the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition issued the following reaction.  Jamie Henn, a spokesperson for the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign said:  “The Trump Administration is willing to […]

“Stop the Money Pipeline Live” Rallies Tens of Thousands to End the Financing of Climate Destruction!

With digital bank takeovers, petition drives, and a “Move Your Money” push, tens of thousands turn up the heat on Wall Street to end the financing of fossil fuels and deforestation Washington, D.C. — Tens of thousands of people tuned into the second day of Earth Day Live today to learn how they could help […]

Environmentalists Blast Oil Industry Attempts to Hijack the Fed’s Main Street Lending Program 

New York, N.Y. — Environmentalists are blasting attempts by oil and gas companies to hijack the Fed’s Main Street Lending Program in order to pay down their debt — debt that began skyrocketing long before the coronavirus impacted the industry.  “Big Oil is looking to steal as big a piece of the stimulus as possible. […]

Stop the Money Pipeline Aims to Turn Up the Heat on Wall Street during “Earth Day Live” 

Washington, DC — This Earth Day, activists will turn up the heat on Wall Street through mass online actions. Earth Day Live, the three-day online Earth Day celebration, will dedicate an entire day — Thursday, April 23 — to “Divest,” a day-long push to end the financing of climate destruction.  Programming for the day is […]

Private Banks Owning Oil Companies Is A Recipe for Disaster

NEW YORK, NY — The news that major U.S. banks like JPMorgan Chase are preparing to ask regulators to allow them to take direct ownership of oil and gas companies should ring major alarm bells on Capitol Hill and across the nation, according to organizations with the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition.  On Thursday evening, […]

“Stop the Money Pipeline” Coalition Blasts Oil CEOs White House Visit

Washington, D.C. — Stop the Money Pipeline, a coalition of over 90 organizations working to end the financing of climate destruction, are warning that an upcoming visit of oil CEOs to the White House on Friday cannot lead to a public bailout of the fossil fuel industry.  See quote sheet below.  Republican senators are also […]

CFTC’s Bailout of Capital One Sets a Dangerous Precedent

The public should not pay for banks’ risky bets on oil and gas  Washington, DC — The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) decision to grant Capital One a waiver for its commodity swaps with oil and gas companies sets a dangerous precedent, according to members of Stop the Money Pipeline, a coalition of organizations aimed […]

Stop the Money Pipeline Announces Plan for “Earth Day Live,” A Digital Mobilization to Demand Climate Action

Washington, DC — As the coronavirus pandemic upends life in the United States and makes public rallies and protests impossible, Stop The Money Pipeline, alongside the Youth Climate Strike Coalition is announcing Earth Day Live, a three-day innovative and interactive livestream to address another global crisis threatening humanity: the climate emergency.  “The fights against the […]