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Join the Chubb: #InsureOurFuture Instagram Action

Join the Chubb: #InsureOurFuture Instagram Action Commenting on Chubb’s Instagram posts will help set the record straight on the company’s destructive climate and human rights record. Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg loves to tout Chubb’s green credentials, but the truth is that the insurance giant is backing the expansion of oil and gas drilling, pipelines, and […]

Calendar jam: Jam P&G CEO’s Calendar

Calendar Jam: Jam the Calendar of Proctor & Gamble’s CEO Forced labor, Indigenous land theft, animal endangerment, deforestation: Is there anything Procter & Gamble won’t underwrite for an extra buck? Let P&G’s CEO Jon Moeller know enough is enough — on his executive calendar! Jam the P&G CEO’s calendar: How to join the Calendar Jam: […]