Chubb is the largest publicly-traded property and casualty insurance company in the world. And despite talking about the urgent need to address climate change, it remains a top global insurer of oil and gas projects — including the destructive Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline. Other insurers are taking action. Chubb is digging in its heels.

Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg has refused to even meet with people affected by the pipelines his company insures, ignoring requests from Indigenous groups whose rights are being violated by Trans Mountain. He even refused to meet with US Senators asking what Chubb is doing to address its failing climate record.

Help us send Chubb a message: ignoring your part in the climate crisis will not stand.

How to join the Calendar Jam

  1. Open your calendar app, such as Gmail or Outlook. We’re going to be sending calendar invites to executives at Chubb Insurance (and to Stop the Money Pipeline so we can track our impact!)
  2. Pick a time in your calendar over the next two weeks. Title your meeting something like: “Meeting re Chubb’s bad climate record,” “Meeting re Mr. Greenberg’s climate hypocrisy,” “Meeting re Chubb’s record on human rights,” “Mr. Greenberg: Stop insuring fossil fuels,” “Mr. Greenberg: Stop violating Indigenous rights” or something similar
  3. Copy all of the following email addresses and paste them into the invite field of your event.  
    Copy emails in one click:,,,
  4. Make sure to click “send invitations” so the executives get an email notification as well.
  5. Rinse and repeat. Multiple invitations are more effective than long events because Chubb executives will have to decline each and every invitation, making it difficult to ignore our calendar invitations.
  6. Share the action on social media!

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