Call Wall Street CEOs: Defund Climate Chaos

Call Wall Street CEOs: Defund Climate Chaos

We’re calling Citibank CEO, Jane Fraser, to demand that Citibank stops funding climate chaos. Her number is (212) 793-6194

One week after Jane Fraser became the new CEO in May, Citibank announced its intention to achieve “net-zero emissions by 2050.” That is all well and good. But we need action, not words. We need policies that prohibit fossil fuel expansion today, not vague promises to take action in three decades.

Here is a call script — call CEO Jane Fraser at (212) 793-6194:

  • “Hi, I am calling because I am greatly concerned about the fact that Citibank is continuing to provide financing for the corporations most responsible for causing climate change: the fossil fuel industry and corporations engaged in widespread tropical deforestation. The Glasgow Climate Talks are the most important international climate talks since Paris, and I ask that Citibank publicly commits to phasing out all funding of the fossil fuel industry before the end talks. Can you please pass the message along to Ms. Fraser?”

If no one answers, please leave a Voicemail

Thanks for making a call! Once you finish please fill out this form to let us know how it went.

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