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Call Wall Street CEOs: Defund Climate Chaos

Call Wall Street CEOs: Defund Climate Chaos We’re calling Citibank CEO, Jane Fraser, to demand that Citibank stops funding climate chaos. Her number is (212) 793-6194 One week after Jane Fraser became the new CEO in May, Citibank announced its intention to achieve “net-zero emissions by 2050.” That is all well and good. But we […]

Deadline Glasgow, Defund Climate Chaos Day of Action

(September 17, 2021) On the 10th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and ahead of New York Climate week, 40 climate activists were arrested in Manhattan at bank headquarters and buildings of JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America. They were calling on major Wall Street banks to stop financing fossil fuels by the start […]

Banking on Line 3

The situation in Anishinaabe territory is dire right now. Enbridge is spilling drilling fluid in wetlands next to the Mississippi headwaters as it builds the Line 3 pipeline and Water Protectors are chaining themselves to drilling equipment to prevent Enbridge from violating Anishinaabe treaty rights Militarized police are assaulting peaceful Water Protectors using tear gas, […]

BlackRock, the time to get out of Enbridge is now.

This blog was originally published at https://blackrocksbigproblem.com/blackrock-invests-enbridge/ If BlackRock is serious about reaching its net zero commitments, the first step is to stop investing in dirty fossil fuel companies that don’t have realistic plans for transitioning to a clean energy economy and continue to perpetuate the violation of Indigenous rights. We live in an age […]

Defund Line 3 Art – Isaac Murdoch

Artist: Isaac Murdoch Isaac Murdoch, whose Thunderbird Woman and other designs have been carried into action at Standing Rock and across North American Indigenous and climate fights, writes, “It is with great respect and dignity as artists that we share our visions and hearts to the world. The power of uniting people through art for […]