Join the Citi #NoLNG Social Media Action 

Join the Citi #NoLNG Social Media Action 

Citi is the second largest methane gas financier in the world. When it funds these dangerous liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies and projects, it also funds harming communities of color along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast who are disproportionately impacted by fossil fuel expansion and climate disaster.

Commenting on Citi’s social media posts will help set the record straight on the company’s destructive climate record, especially when it comes to financing LNG in the Gulf South. 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Head over to Citi’s Twitter post, LinkedIn post, Facebook post, or Instagram post – and leave a comment about Citi’s harmful environmental and human rights practices. 

The most impactful comment is one that you draft yourself, even if it’s super short, as it shows Citi that many different people are demanding action. That being said, here are a bunch of sample comments that you can copy and paste or adapt. Remember to use the #NoLNG hashtag so we can track our collective impact!

Sample comments (copy and paste me):

  • Stop all financial services to methane gas (LNG) companies and all fossil fuel financing. 💰  #NoLNG
  • Citibank has pumped over $8.6 billion into the world’s top methane gas companies and projects, making the bank the second-largest methane gas financier in the world. Meanwhile, Gulf communities contend with intensifying hurricanes, torrential flooding, severe drought, and the risk of explosion 💥 from these dangerous terminals. #NoLNG 
  • Citi: stop all financial services to methane gas (LNG) companies and all fossil fuel financing.  #NoLNG 💸 
  • When you finance LNG in the Gulf, you perpetuate the legacy of environmental racism and contribute to climate chaos. 🛑 #NoLNG 
  • Citi: Stop your greenwashing. You funneled nearly $9 billion into LNG companies and projects. That doesn’t sound very sustainable to me 🤔 #NoLNG  
  • Citi is financing LNG gas expansion with no end in sight, enabling fossil fuel infrastructure that the planet cannot afford 🌎 
  • 🔥 With almost $9 billion invested in LNG, Citi is funding the projects and companies destroying our planet 🔥

Completed a comment? Please fill out this form to let us know for tracking purposes! 

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