Stop EACOP Photo Solidarity Action

Photo Solidarity Action – June 2022:

Step 1: Take a selfie photo with a sign saying “Marsh, drop EACOP”. In the bottom corner of your sign, add the name of the country you are taking action from in parenthesis.

Step 2 : Post your selfie on social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) using #MarshdropEACOP and tagging @MarshGlobal and @mmc_global. See below for sample messages to help draft your post.

If you’re not on social media, don’t worry! You can take action by emailing Marsh executives here.

Step 3 : Share the invitation to participate in this digital action to your network and friends. The more participation, the bigger the impact.

Sample Messages:

  • EACOP will displace communities, threaten the water resources and livelihoods of millions, and fuel climate change. #MarshdropEACOP  
  • Marsh is enabling the construction of the destructive East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) by lining up insurance companies to provide the necessary coverage to build the pipeline.
  • Fossil fuel projects such as EACOP need insurance to be built and operated. Without insurance, the project will struggle to get the financing it needs from banks and investors.  #MarshdropEACOP  
  • The EACOP is already becoming a toxic project to banks and some insurance companies. 20 banks have committed not to fund EACOP and 8 insurers have committed not to provide insurance coverage for the pipeline.
  • Local communities, human rights defenders and environmental activists are doing all they can to resist the pipeline, but they are facing increasing pressure and threats for speaking out against the corporate and political interests backing EACOP. #MarshdropEACOP  
  • People around the world, including Marsh McLennan employees, are standing up in solidarity with the communities fighting EACOP to tell Marsh: Drop EACOP! #MarshdropEACOP  


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