Stop Line 3 December 11 National Day of Action

Last week was a powerful flurry of action demanding that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Joe Biden and Wall Street all take action to #StopLine3.

In MN, student activists blockaded the entrance to a Chase branch in downtown St. Paul. 

In DC, people took CEO puppet heads to central branches of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase and CitiBank. 

In Seattle, activists took a #StopLine3 car caravan to five Chase branches and the regional HQ of Liberty Mutual and JPMorgan. 

In Portland, Oregon, people took a #StopTheMoneyPipeline fire truck to the doors of half-a-dozen Chase branches across the city. 

In all, we delivered the Indigenous Women’s tar sands letter to more than 160 bank branches & insurance and asset manager offices around the country. 

On top of all that on the ground action, 1,000 people joined online for a digital rally on Wednesday night.

You can watch the whole rally here — including powerful addresses by U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, Honor the Earth’s Winona LaDuke and Tara Houska of the Giniw Collective.

Below are images and videos of all the action — for now, we just have one ask of you: if you’re able, donate directly to the frontline fight against this pipeline. 

There are 4 ways to directly contribute to the fight against Line 3: 

  1. Donating to the Giniw collective, who are leading on the ground
  2. Donating to the legal defense fund for the people locking down machinery to prevent construction from continuing
  3. Contributing to the Gitchigumi Scouts’ effort to purchase land along the pipeline route
  4. Purchasing supplies for people fighting Line 3 on the frontlines.

Last week’s action was beautiful

From the water protectors on the ground taking direct action to stop the pipeline’s construction to the hundreds of actions around the country on Friday to the 1,000 people who joined Wednesday’s digital rally, the week was full of people-powered resistance.

Watch a wrap up video of all the actions here.


Thank you all for being part of this beautiful resistance. If we keep fighting we can stop this pipeline. Click here to donate directly to the frontlines to support the fight against Line 3.

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