Join the Travelers: #InsureOurFuture Social Media Storm

Join the Travelers: #InsureOurFuture Social Media Storm

Amplifying our Travelers’ AGM rally will help set the record straight on the company’s destructive climate and human rights record.

Travelers continues to back oil & gas expansion, refuses to rule out support for destructive projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and doesn’t even have a net zero goal. 

We need to let investors and executives know that the clock is ticking to do the right thing and roll back support for fossil fuel expansion and climate destruction. 

How to participate: Share these posts (Twitter, Instagram) and comment about Travelers’ need to support racial justice, Indigenous rights, and stop enabling fossil fuel expansion. Don’t forget to tag @Travelers (on Twitter) or @TravelersInsurance (on Instagram) to make sure their inbox is flooded with notifications! 

The most impactful comment is one that you draft yourself, even if it’s super short, as it shows Travelers that many different people are demanding action. That being said, here are sample comments that you can copy and paste or adapt. Remember to use the #InsureOurFuture hashtag so we can track our collective impact!

Sample comments:

  • $TRV shareholders and executives must support climate, racial justice, and Indigenous rights. #InsureOurFuture, not fossil fuels! 
  • Travelers is insuring coal, oil, and gas expansion with no end in sight, enabling fossil fuel infrastructure that the planet cannot afford. 🌎 #InsureOurFuture
  • 🔥 With over $4.7 billion invested in fossil fuels, Travelers is funding the projects and companies destroying our planet #InsureOurFuture 🔥
  • Travelers must listen to the Gwich’in Steering Committee, @OurArcticRefuge, and support Indigenous rights. #FPIC #StandWithGwichin
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