Webinar: Arts Action During a Pandemic: From Virtual to Safe Street Actions

Social change doesn’t just happen, it happens because people decide to make change. Learn how to use art in your campaign — activism moves the material world, but art moves the body, heart and soul.

This webinar focuses on:

    • Virtual Actions: We can still make art and take action together online with virtual art builds, banners, song and music choirs and videos.
    • Small group high impact actions: There are a variety of actions that we can take in person with very small groups, including guerrilla projections, street murals and visual installations.
    • Health-safe public actions: Nothing can replace vigils, pickets, demonstrations and memorials — so we’ll explore how we can speak out AND keep each other safe.

Speakers include:

    • David Solnit: Arts Organizer working w 350.org, Stop the Money Pipeline and San Francisco Projection Dept Collective
    • Amy Gray: Mobilization Organizer, Stop the Money Pipeline & Volunteer and JEDI Director, 350 Colorado

Additional resources:

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