Webinar: BlackRock: Defund the Deportation Machine

Co-hosted by Stop the Money Pipeline, Mijente, Friends of the Earth, New York Communities for Change & BlackRock’s Big Problem

As part of the #SeptemberSwarmonBlackRock, Stop the Money Pipeline and partners rallied online and in-person in NYC to demand BlackRock divest from Palantir and the human rights abuses the data/tech company facilitates on behalf of the Trump Administration.

BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world with over $7 trillion of assets under management, is investing in the deportation machine in addition to being the largest financier of the industries driving the climate crisis — fossil fuels and agribusiness.

Check out this action-packed online rally to hear from community leaders fighting fossil fuels and the deportation machine while we tune in live to the in-person action happening at BlackRock’s NYC headquarters.
#NoTechforICE and to #DefundPalantir


    • Jacinta Gonzalez, Mijente @ConMijente
    • Gaurav Madan, Friends of the Earth U.S. @foe_us
    • Marcela Hernandez, Detention Watch Network @DetentionWatch
    • Jeanette Vizguerra, Sanctuary4All Coalition @Sanctuary4AllCO
    • Roberta Giordano, BlackRocks Big Problem (@BLKsBigProblem
    • Yousef Zakaria, CODEPINK @codepink

Key takeaways:

    • During the in-person rally at BlackRock’s HQ delivered a letter signed by 50 civil society organizations and a petition signed by over 40k individuals calling on the Wall Street giant to divest from Palantir, the data company that provides software ICE uses to conduct mass raids, separate families, and terrorize immigrant communities.
    • The action on the ground was live streamed and amplified during the online rally with calls directly to BlackRock executives and by sharing and uplifting images coming from the organizers on the ground in New York City
    • Palantir has enabled the Trump administration’s human rights violations and anti-immigrant agenda by weaponizing its data systems for the mass detention and deportation of immigrants. Crucially, Palantir is set to go public any day now and this means they are looking to sell stocks and continue to profit off of the surveillance and raids of communities targeted by ICE.
    • Palantir, the tech surveillance company considered by ICE to be mission critical to its mass detention and deportation of migrants is set to go public on September 23, and activists are demanding BlackRock defund from their $140m investment in Palantir
    • Right now, we are witnessing the scary impacts of climate disaster: wildfires, super storms, and floods. BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, is the largest investor in the very industries responsible for the climate crisis — fossil fuels and agribusiness. While BlackRock fuels the climate crisis, it’s also profiting from the deportation machine. Although BlackRock talks a big game about sustainability and social purpose, it continues to invest in industries responsible for climate change and human rights violations.

Check out the #DefundPalantir action toolkit for everything you need to take action right away to demand BlackRock defund the deportation machine and stand against human rights abuses!

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