Webinar: Climate Finance 101

The coal industry is bankrupt and the fracking industry is a house of cards built on bad loans that are starting to go belly up. With a rampant public health crisis on our hands in COVID-19 and the fossil fuel industry in terminal decline, now is the time for banks, insurance companies, and asset managers to change their loan and investment policies.

This webinar explores:

    • How a basic understanding of the pillars of financial capitalism can set up your finance campaign for success.
    • How to use a rights-based framework that respects people in finance campaigning
    • What strategies and tactics are most effective — particularly campaigns for divestment, shareholder engagement, and campaigns for government regulation.
    • How campaigns that center and amplify frontline voices in grassroots action isn’t just strategic but absolutely necessary.

Speakers include:

    • Jeff Conant, Friends of the Earth
    • Ruth Breech, Rainforest Action Network
    • Roberta Giordano, The Sunrise Project
    • Pendle Marshall-Hallmark, Amazon Watch
    • Elana Sulakshana, Rainforest Action Network
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