Webinar: Banking on Climate Change: How Big Banks Fuel the Climate Crisis Part 1

By funding fossil fuel companies and projects, banks press the gas pedal on climate change. They fuel harm to communities sited near fossil fuel projects, as well as to communities that are already feeling the hurt from our warming climate. In recognition of our growing movement, many banks have taken steps away from coal or other fossil fuels — but they haven’t done nearly enough.

You can find part two of this webinar series here

During the webinar you’ll learn about:

    • How banks worsen the climate crisis, in the U.S. and beyond
    • Targeting banks in frontline campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground
    • Examples of how activists are working to change the system

Speakers include

    • Ben Cushing, Sierra Club
    • Alison Kirsch, Rainforest Action Network
    • Ernst-Jan Kuiper, BankTrack
    • Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network
    • Rachel Heaton, Mazaska Talks
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