Webinar: Banking on Climate Change: How Big Banks Fuel the Climate Crisis Part 2

This webinar pulls back the curtain on bank greenwashing, from their fossil fuel policies to their public statements. It also highlights inspiring actions that have successfully pushed banks to drop proposed fracked gas export projects in the Rio Grande Valley.

You can find part one of this webinar series here

Key takeaways include

    • Big banks are accelerating the climate crisis through their funding for fossil fuels — but we’ve stopped them from funding particular projects before, and we can continue to push them to get out of fossil fuels entirely.
    • There are a lot of ways that banks can greenwash their fossil fuel policies or climate reputations, which is why we’re all working to hold them accountable!
    • From the Dakota Access Pipeline to the proposed LNG export terminals in South Texas, we’ve seen that pressuring banks is a great strategy to have in your toolbox.

Calls to Action:

Additional Resources:

These webinars were co-hosted by Stop the Money Pipeline, BankTrack, Indigenous Environmental Network, Mazaska Talks, Rainforest Action Network, Reclaim Finance, and the Sierra Club

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